Watersports World - Home Reach 200 million

Watersports World aims to pull the best watersports footage from around the world into a tasty one-hour package every week.

The show was set up by Alan Morton of Proactive Television, and after 14 years in production, it's Sky Sports' (UK/Ireland) longest running show. Through good management, the production team has built up an impressive international distribution with a regular audience.

The independent marketing agency Sponsorship Intelligence, whose clients include Manchester United, FIFA, World Rally Championships, estimate 5 million individual viewers per episode, including repeats, producing an advertising equivalent valuation of $849,233 per episode (report available).

We film many events ourselves, working for tour sponsors, promoters and orginising bodies such as the International Waterski Federation, and we pay for most of the post production of these through our WW budgets, which makes us extremely competitive in terms of filming quotes.

The rest of the footage is sourced from around the world, as pre-made features or news tapes, which we edit into the show style.


Home Reach


Skysports (UK/IRELAND/EUROPE) - 5 million
ESPN Star Sports (ASIA/INDIA) - 185 million
MNET (AFRICA) - 8 million
Emirates TV (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) - 1 million
Foxsports (AUSTRALIA) - 4 million
Extreme Sports Channel (MIDDLE EAST) - 150,000
Sky Sports (ITALY) - 4 million